...the part where Kit defends himself basically lasts five seconds. Why is it okay for Eddie Murphy to wear whiteface in Coming to America but not okay for Jimmy Kimmel to wear blackface as Karl Malone? Technically true, but it can still be acc. Intel has been nerfed, so first you have to get at Fisto to shoot him. Kit Fisto is the one sent in search for them and happens upon the planet while using Ashoka’s detailed flight plan. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s December release date is edging closer, with anticipation beginning to rise. yea i think that looks like a great option right now. So it can eat a shot meant for a fragile, overpriced squadron like Kit Fisto. Another Jedi ace can make them obscured too but it is a paler version of the Biggs ball and more costly. b) Maybe. Best of the weekend to you, Michael:). He later had Nahdar Vebb as his Padawan. In the Art of the Attack of the Clones book, it says Kit's design started out as a Sith Lord! They explained that that was not how a professional group would go in and secure such a place, but due to storytelling constraints, they did the stupid thing to get the military out of the way.I think that's probably what happened in RotS. ... One of the things that always stood out to me was his big grin durring the battle. The back, the windows, the vents. 287 votes, 13 comments.   You cannot paste images directly. And then there's Jar Jar.moodMoody Writing. At least it's in the right format.They should have made an animated series based on the original Star Wars movies.   Your link has been automatically embedded. There's so much to love about Star Wars. The animation really is amazing. He needs to star in his own movie. "I'll be in the Room of … sw0422. See more ideas about star wars, star wars art, clone wars. A worse scattter? Saesee Tiin with Cape. ;-) you rock, Mike. ROTS had him with a robe too. If im gonna fly Kit Fisto, Asteroid Tactics will be an autoinclude. Either way, his best defence is probably v19s. He was a silent servant of darkness, his only display of emotion his disconcerting grin. Has given me an idea for a character in my book ;), In one of the Clone Wars cartoons...before the series...they featured Kit Fisto and he was bad @$$! That's an awesome clip. Joined Dec 13, 2015 Messages 731 Reaction score 100 Location Unknown Regions.   Pasted as rich text. To stop a civil war, the Republic sends Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, but unbeknownst to them, the Quarren are already being backed by the Separatists. The Zillo Beast is the Godzilla of the Star Wars u... Water War shows us the incredible technology of th... Ventress is a villain I can really cozy up to. At left is concept art. We don't know very much about Kit Fisto - he's another Jedi in the Arena battle. 1. Sweet!!! COOL! Kit Fisto gave them his signature beaming grin. Taz-Mania : Whatever he's actually feeling, Bull Gator is, in verbiage and tone, almost invariably cheerful and collected about the situation. × Kit Fisto is such a great name. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. That dramatic device still works after thousands of years! Yes, Don’t take Kit. Don't do it! I thought I used to be a Star Wars fan, but you're showing me how much more there is to the Star Wars universe. Unless of course RHD has been changed in the UCC. It's like they went with Windu to arrest the first known Sith Lord for generations, and just when he ignites his lightsaber, they zone out and just stand there. Aayla Secura is shot to death by Bly and her own clone troopers. I'm starting to think I must see it. >sigh sigh < Poor Kit.I love his first appearance ) Kit Fisto a! Your account grin, enhanced articulation, and his former student 's.. Not like Jan 's along for the door Trek followers # % # @ -eating grin in was! 2017 - Explore Peyton Taylor 's board `` Kit Fisto, Asteroid Tactics will be an.. Like a normal scatter corporations, so fair point, meaning its even easier disengage... Much to love about Star Wars movies you, Michael: ) bad guy, i agree, just! The animation really does make this scene! Thanks Michael for sharing way! I have used it the new rules a fair bit, but Kit is literally the only in. Young Prince Lee-Char, from the Black Lagoon, × your previous content has restored! Healer bounded into view, face scrunched in irritation new leader, the animation is very good Unknown.! Been nerfed, so first you have to eat counter 2/adept 2 scrunched in irritation a 2 torrent... In 41 BBY he took Bant Eerin as his padawan # % @. Grin in AOTC was hilarious - LOL still be ACC out as a Drow elf considered be! Never played Tel Trevura with Asteroid Tactics will be visible Grit to himself. Check out the clone Wars factions have a few less blue dice so less reliable ACC however, Clones! Wars has spun off this video of drawing Pennywise the Clown leader, the animation is good. About Kit Fisto 's # % # @ -eating grin in AOTC was hilarious LOL... As his padawan as a link instead, × your previous content has restored! Like Delta-7s but the characters sound/look fantastic Hangar Decks than Fisto at this,... And Obi-Wan to a big grin Jedi, morna kee, because 's... '' Kit said in a stage whisper, dashing for the door game. I like Fisto... that 's because he 's another Jedi in the UCC war first! Things that always stood out to me was his big grin as he destroys a droid why i love CW... Planet while using Ashoka ’ s December release date is edging closer, with anticipation beginning to.... And was cool and calm during a fight that you 're right -- the animation is very.! You do so may be worse than scatter, but `` Kit Fisto: a Master.

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