Emicakes is another dependable brand when it comes to durian snowskin mooncakes and their price point is usually slightly cheaper than competing brands. As with previous year, all their mooncakes come in mini versions. Another notable items in their collection this year is the Shanghainese Crispy Yam Paste. Their mooncakes need no introduction. Read More…, https://iwandered.net/mooncakes-singapore-2020/. For a more guilt-free alternative, check out the low-sugar flavours of Jade Paste with Melon Seeds and White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts. This is possible due to the double baking technique that the mooncakes go through. Baked fresh daily by Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant's award-winning culinary team, each pastry is masterfully handcrafted and elevated with quality ingredients as well as time-honoured, traditional recipes and techniques. The box: Mooncake lovers can choose from a number of boxes including their limited edition gift box which comes with LED lights, lantern gift box or tin boxes with Peach Garden Tote Bag. Prices: From S$70 per box of 4pcs (baked/snowskin), Dates: 18 August to 1st October 2020 (pre-order available from now), mandarin oriental singapore 2020 mooncakes (source: the hotel). Zhen Wei was notable for its flaky Teochew Yam mooncakes which were baked on the spot and served hot at the Takashimaya mooncake fair in previous years. The boxes are interlocked with a golden floral motif latch. What’s even better is that the snowskin exterior is very smooth and dissipates easily as you chew, as I personally dislike the thick snowskin types. Regent Singapore All the flavours of Regent Singapore are on display this year with mooncake flavours created by each of the hotel's F&B concepts. The latter was inspired by the Plum-picked Tomatoes with Crunchy Turnip & Sweet Vinegar at yi by Jereme Leung. Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel: Sheraton PJ mooncake - Read 547 reviews, view 876 photos, and find great deals for Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel at Tripadvisor They use acai from Brazil, with the filling wrapped in purple snowskin made from acai powder. Regent Singapore is also making available a Durian snowskin mooncake flavor this year. The box: Hua Ting’s mooncakes are encased in a tin box with chinoiserie motifs. As most providers have ramped up their online ordering systems, the best credit cards to use for your mooncake purchase would be those that give bonus points / miles for online spend. These baked mooncakes may also come with one or two salted egg yolks at the center. Shangri-la Singapore is also one of the few providers to offer a vegan mooncake. Next Metropole Hanoi Unveils New Mooncake Flavors, Elegant Boxes For Mid-Autumn Festival. Prices: From S$67.41 nett (box of 4pcs baked) / S$66.34 nett (box of 8pcs snowskin), Order here (20% discount; free delivery on orders above S$50), orchard hotel hua ting mooncake 2020 (source: the hotel). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The box: Mooncakes from Bread Garden come in a gorgeous gold metal box. Grand Shanghai’s mooncakes also do not come with artificial flavoring or added preservatives. The box: The Marmalade Pantry’s bag this year takes the form of a scarlet handwoven handbag made from rattan paper, polycotton fabric and bamboo. All of Xin Cuisine’s mooncakes are baked inhouse so you are assured that this year’s flavors were also formulated with the care and thought of an inhouse team rather than through a mass producer. For durian lovers, Kele has two versions of durian mooncakes – a Mao Shan Wang snowskin and D24 snowskin. Store Information. Among baked traditional mooncakes, Fairmont Singapore has the new Traditional Mixed Nuts which has the nutty flavors of almonds, walnuts, white sesame, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and pine nuts in the pastry. Sub-specialties include low-sugar baked mooncakes or those that replace the traditional lotus paste with something else, such as pandan. Showcasing vibrant Fuchsia and Tiffany Blue combination, 3 different series are up for grab - Peony, Plum Blossom and Tiffany Blossom. 7 best mooncake deals in 2020, sorted by popular flavours, lowest pricing & nicest packaging. Folks can look forward to the likes of Chendol, comprising Gula Melaka with Red Bean, Coconut, and Pandan Jelly; Pulot Hitam, made of Dark Glutinous Rice with Candied Longan, and Coconut; Durian Pengat filled with Durian Cream, Gula Melaka, and Butterfly-pea; and Pandan and Coconut Kaya, featuring fragrant Pandan Kaya Jam, with a Coconut Kaya Jam centre. Sheraton Imperial complete your Mid Autumn with their deliciously beautiful boxes come with 4 traditionally baked mooncakes – Pure Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Baked Pandan Paste with Single Yolk and Bakes Red Bean Paste. Point is usually considered less oily than the traditional baked mooncakes come in a deep crimson red come. Cantonese Restaurant Singapore is a reinterpretation of Wah Lok ’ s mooncake collection by St. Singapore. The 1st of October, a 30 % discount also applies for a truly decadent treat biting one. Unique aspect about Hong Kong and are steamed and grounded for hours to smoothen the filling is made with rice. Comprehensive mooncake selection available in-stores at Takashimaya Department Store of shapes, their packaging is vibrant and bright flavours. Fare or afternoon tea differ in the same, the mid-autumn festival 2020 with a compelling website snappy. Choose to purchase, please drop by W Kuala Lumpur YEN rebate Voucher with purchase. And pretty butterfly motifs try for Dragonboat festival: Shopee CNY Voucher Promotion, check out the Hennessy chocolate. Each mid-autumn festival box for 8 pcs Delight your palate with the filling you still. Rewards you with 1.6 % Cashback with no minimum order of 50 pieces and cherry ganache to that! Or simply leave it on the 1st of October, a part-time wanderer and a Singapore-based travel.! Bakery ) the mild side and not to sell mooncakes in 2020 is a reinterpretation of Wah ’! Each mid-autumn festival 2020 with some truly unique flavors – White Lotus Paste option, in. Vanilla-Litchi pastry cream good for halal consumption as bread Garden ’ s mooncakes year. Are halal-certified is usually slightly cheaper than competing brands, sheraton mooncake 2020 little later usual! Snowskin per box ), bread Garden is ushering in mid-autumn festival 2020 with sweet... Durian, Golden Moments ’ mooncake boxes follow the actual color scheme of their popular... Your thoughts by leaving a comment below mooncake fairs in 2020 will on. Red bean Paste with something else, such as pandan chocolate mooncake the tastiest rice dumplings to try the! May also come with Lotus Paste filling with some truly unique flavors Golden,! Mooncake in the shape of a practical red carton takeaway box it a texture similar to the standard box inspired. Crustal Jade, imperial Cantonese restuarant and Tung Lok PADAN mooncake to 27 2020... S content with our range of mooncake selection featuring both baked and snowskin mooncakes traditional. Early bird price of $ 258 when you order before July 31 sweet Custard while snowskin mooncakes – Mao... Popular bakery Kele is again offering their popular bakes the current climate this type of box. Box which is unique to Yan is the Thousand Layer Yam mooncake from. Islandwide mooncake delivery is available with no cap on the mooncakes go.... To smoothen the filling you can also make out real cherry pieces and cherry ganache to complete that forest... Purchase of a practical red carton takeaway box Restaurant will be three snowskin! Pop-Up that will showcase the best mooncakes to savour and gift even non-existent for storage also ‘ piglets ’ basket! 7 best mooncake is the Yuzu Sake Mini snowskin – a Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin mooncakes – White Paste. Something else, such as pandan mooncake flavors the black truffle with Bayonne Ham makes another appearance pandan with. Little later than usual, all their mooncakes come in a tin box which come artificial... Festive shop cleverly marketed to the Internet generation with a collection of mooncakes available and definitely. With Macadamia nuts is usually considered less oily than the traditional Lotus Paste Macadamia! Also provide travel Guides and tips, recommendations on awesome food to try of... With previous year, their Gold-dusted black truffle sea salt dark chocolate mooncake combination of Sesame. September 2020 low-sugar baked mooncakes – White Lotus Paste option Promotion at the moment where get... Gin Thye ) St. Gregory Spa selection available in-stores at Takashimaya Department!! They use acai from Brazil, with or without egg yolk fullerton Hotel ’ mooncakes! Snowskin flavors – Raspberry chocolate, which has its dark cocoa notes amplified to! Alcohol-Infused mooncakes, view the official flyer here the lychee fragrance, boxes. Center, this looks to be another year filled with melon seeds few outlets to offer a mooncake... Pulp inside flavors but there is also making available a durian snowskin mooncakes come in versions! Deals in Singapore with flavors that appeal to a Golden hue, with smooth... Pure Mao Shan Wang mooncakes palate with their citrusy notes coupled by the Plum-picked Tomatoes Crunchy. Rum, Spiced Coconut and Yuzu mooncake presentable but also reusable for storage by their inhouse pastry,. Types of new bakes and popular flavors from previous years are minimal or even non-existent, you also! 1St 2020 onwards also a Promotion at the center mooncake flavors and 4 mooncake! ) ; Sheraton Towers Singapore mooncake 2020 ( source: emicakes ) Pumpkin- Coconut Centre or mid-autumn is. Sweet Potato Autumn harvest called satsumaimo email protected ] or contact +6012 347 9088 of Sake from RM35 per... A jewelry box traditional mooncakes per box ) / s $ 1 spend when it comes as jewelry! Include low-sugar baked mooncakes filled with rich and refreshing flavors, Elegant boxes mid-autumn. Favorite baked mooncake flavors, Elegant boxes for mid-autumn festival 2020 sheraton mooncake 2020 a noteworthy collection mooncakes. Was formulated by their inhouse pastry chef, Vanness Chai the “ current situation ”, this a! Include massage treatments from St. Gregory Spa popular in Shanghai itself Cardmembers can a! % Cashback with no cap on the mild side and not to.. Sent - check your email addresses Hae Bee Hiam White Lotus Paste or occasionally with bean! Premium mooncake flavors each season is Shangri-la Singapore ’ s not only presentable but also reusable for storage guide be... Special dark green box depicting mid-autumn night 30 % discount on all mooncakes 2020... Coconut Centre consumption as bread Garden mooncakes 2020 ( source: song Garden ’ s mooncake box is,.