Westpac was one of the four banks that requested … Published 4 years ago: April 11, 2017 at 12:01 am-Filed to: samsung. Key features • Quick Balance – view your balances and recent transactions for up to 3 accounts, and transfer money between these accounts without having to sign in^ • Sign in with your fingerprint on compatible phones. On the surface, Samsung Pay might seem like another Apple Pay or Google Pay. Samsung Pay includes many security features, including an industry-standard encryption platform. Meanwhile, Samsung has announced that iris scan will feature as an authentication method for Samsung Pay on the new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. Samsung Pay, which will now feature iris-scanning tech as part of the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, launched in Australia last year but Westpac is the first major bank to sign a deal. Campbell Simpson. Westpac Group, chief executive, consumer bank, George Frazis, said in a statement that Samsung pay is one of many digital solutions the bank is progressively introducing to its 9 million customers. Have received my Westpac Debit Card and setup Samsung Pay on my Gear S3, doesn’t seem to be possible to setup loyalty cards though. Westpac offers Tap & Pay functionality through either its own app, or through a Westpac PayTag which can be purchased for $4.99 (free for Westpac World Mastercard and Airpoints Debit Mastercard cardholders). Westpac made Samsung Pay available on April 11 2017. Share. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus, A5, A7, S9, S9+ S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Active, Note 5, Note 8 or Note 9 smartphone or a Samsung Gear (S2 and S3 only) or Galaxy Watch, you’ll be able to setup and use Samsung Pay. The official Mobile Banking app for Westpac Australia customers. Samsung has announced today a partnership with Westpac, so if you're both a Galaxy user and a Westpac customer, baby, you're in what we call the Samsung Pay Venn diagram overlap. This week, Samsung has added an actual Australian bank to its mobile payment system Samsung Pay, with Westpac joining the fold and adding support for credit and debit card holders using its services. Most personal and business cards are eligible, the full list can be found here. samsung galaxy s8 samsung galaxy s8 plus samsung pay. 2. Westpac today became the first of the big four banks to hop onto Samsung Pay, a digital wallet available on both mobile phones and smartwatches. When you’re out and about you can use your mobile phone to pay for goods and services by simply tapping it against the merchant’s payment terminal as you would a contactless card - simple. Published 3 years ago: April 11, 2017 at 4:30 pm. Westpac Is Now On Board With Samsung Pay. Tuesday, 11 April 2017 Westpac has become the first of Australia’s big four banks to adopt mobile payment system Samsung Pay, with the Korean electronics giant and smartphone manufacturer announcing the partnership earlier today. Campbell Simpson. CNET reports that the deal with Westpac makes it the first major bank in the country to join the Samsung family. Then there are peer-to-peer payment systems like Beem It (backed by the Commonwealth Bank, NAB, and Westpac) for small real-time payments to other Beem It users. Samsung Pay can be used with compatible products including the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ as well as with the Gear S3 smartwatch. Samsung Pay also requires you to use a personal 4-digit device code or biometric identifier (like a fingerprint) for an added layer of protection. Customers can download the Samsung Pay app and add their Westpac card to … Samsung Pay is available to Westpac Debit and Credit card holders (Mastercard and Visa cardholders) since 11 April 2017. Otherwise, Google Pay is a good choice for Android users who want one app to pay friends and family members and to use at … But it's really not. In the eternal war between Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay… Westpac is bringing contactless payments to more Australians, with the bank joining Samsung to bring tap-and-go transactions to Galaxy S4 and S5 smartphones next week. This page lists the major banks and payment service providers that are on-board with Samsung Pay in Australia. Apple Pay Samsung Pay Google Pay ; Westpac: ANZ: NAB: CommBank (CBA) Bank Australia: Bank of Sydney: Bendigo Bank: Beyond Bank Australia: Big Sky Building Society: Bank … “With Westpac on board, we now serve a market that’s close to a third of Australians,” Samsung Australia mobile vice president Richard Fink said at the time. Download link. There are many ‘mobile wallet’ apps, but only three have a reasonable suite of banks, cards and services in Australia – Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Both the Samsung and Google options are … Citibank and American Express are the two other financial institutions with Samsung Pay compatible cards. 11 April 2017 5. Westpac has become the first major bank to offer the Samsung Pay mobile payments solution to its debit and credit card customers. While they may have been fighting to collectively bargain with Apple for access to Apple Pay it seems Westpac were happy to jump on board Samsung’s […] Westpac is the first major bank Samsung has partnered with for Samsung Pay, and is the first partner Samsung has added since launch of Samsung Pay in June last year. The deal follows Westpac’s announcement in December that its Mastercard customers with selected Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, and Pixel, and other compatible Android devices could Westpac, which as of yet still doesn’t offer Apple Pay, was actually the first of the major banks to use Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay will join with Westpac Bank to bring its mobile payment system to the bank’s millions of Australian customers. Samsung Pay launched in Australia back in June 2016, with just American Express and Citi on board, and to date they have been the only bank providers down under. Other options A Westpac spokesperson told Canstar it remains open to offering Apple Pay in the future. “Samsung Pay is just one of many digital solutions that we are progressively introducing to our nine million customers to offer them more flexibility, convenience and choice.” To read more, please click on the link below… Source: Westpac customers can now use Samsung Pay – EFTM If you use Samsung smartphones and travel to remote places that may not have upgraded payment terminals to accept contactless payments, Samsung Pay is the way to go. Samsung Pay is the most widely accepted mobile payment service, but it is ultimately up to the banks and card providers in a particular country to enable official support for their credit and debit cards so that they can work with Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay … Samsung Pay and Google Pay are both digital wallets, which enable easy mobile payments online, in apps and in stores. 12. CBA customers have access to a number of contactless payments, including Google Pay, Samsung Pay and its own Tap & Pay service, which is available through the CommBank mobile banking app. Westpac Pay. After Apple Pay loss, Westpac turns to Samsung Pay. Samsung has announced a partnership with Westpac, one of Australia’s major banks, to offer Samsung Pay to its credit card and debit cards customers to make payments on their smartphones on the move. Westpac and Samsung Electronics Australia on Tuesday announced a partnership whereby the bank will offer Samsung Pay to its debit and credit card holders with compatible Samsung devices. Westpac customers may now leverage NFC technology to pay with Android handsets using Westpac Tap and Pay, the bank’s proprietary NFC digital payment service, Samsung Pay—which works at nearly any terminal, including those lacking NFC—or the Android Pay app, said George Frazis, Westpac’s chief executive, in a recent press release. Your card information is never revealed or shared with merchants or with Samsung. Westpac has today announced their debit and credit card holders can now use Samsung Pay – a first move from the big bank outside their own app and payment technology. Share. ANZ joins Westpac who started offering Samsung Pay to its debit and credit customers in April. Westpac Is Now On Board With Samsung Pay. Westpac customers will be able to register to use Samsung Pay from 8am today (Tuesday), adding debit or credit card details to the smartphone app. Despite being the lone major bank that hasn't switched on Apple Pay, Westpac does offer its customers Samsung Pay and Google Pay options. Westpac Tap and Pay has been available for Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, S5 Mini, Galaxy Alpha, Note 3, Note 4 and Note Edge handsets for a while, so … Westpac has been a notable ‌Apple Pay‌ holdout and is the fourth of Australia's "big four" banks to implement support for ‌Apple Pay‌.