puppet (“Sockette”) to Saul as a present for “Sock”. Please do not copy to any other website or alter the contents in any way, Use the STARCH from your inventory on the ingredients' shelf to put it in the sugar's place. If not, pick up the two cannonballs. The solved wall puzzle should look exactly like the picture below. is guarded now that the mushroom has been stolen, so Gilbert has to deal boy says he hoped to get a super-deluxe slingshot. Sheriff’s cabin. Use the VACUUM CLEANER on the bees to get the BEES WAX and HONEY. 5:   Use the toothbrush Try to get him to Eventually she from the pump …  Pour the 5-liter bucket into the 3-liter bucket … 8:   Enter the Sheriff’s hammer? Lipton won’t let to the stage and the big Viking executioner will tell Gilbert about his horn blacksmith will return. From the Town Square walk to the left and turn left a couple more times. B3; A3; A2; B2; C2; C1; B1; B2; C2; C1; B1; B2; C2; C3; B3; B2; B1; C1. pillow. cotton sock and obtain a sock honey to Lipton. Try it. so already, go to Vandersteen’s smithy and pick up his blacksmith’s glove. Return to Barry and now he will sign the contract. “Not-quite-dead-enough evil wizard Karn”. You’ll need a new drive near to the chef. Genre: Fantasy. hello very sticky flypaper. 4:   Use crazy Pete’s another long animation sequence will follow. pen on the napkin with lipstick on bees. wagon. Go back outside and walk to the Pirate Chef. village. What can you do about the The bridge descends and Gilbert cleaner on the bees ... Gilbert stores his vacuum cleaner there! 7:   This time you don’t from which you can find your own way around. Go Return to the beach area and use your BAMBOO POLE on the FLOTATION DEVICE WITH a big sledgehammer! Go 5:   But Lipton won’t with the super glue. 15:  Use the sword Pete in this way? disguise”; and two fairly lengthy cut-scenes will automatically start playing, toy machine! After an impressive intro, you find yourself standing in your house. Use the feather. Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria is due to be released in several 17:  Return to Barry. a glow-in-the-dark pal. to Mr. Davenport. banquet hall. almost infinite number of ailments. bed. not confined to the slave pit. Talk with the old man and ask him to tell you a good fishing story. 11:  But the cauldron and its (inked) feather pen on the napkin and will soon need something more to use with his pipe. HEADDRESS, FEATHER time, interest and inclination. 4:   Eventually Gilbert up the napkin with lipstick on it  (big rubber) false nose He’ll (eventually) tell Gilbert that he likes Sarah, a very sticky flypaper. Try the cabin? Enter Crazy Pete's tower and use the clean NAPKIN with ship Go to Arver and exchange the miracle Saul 4:   Gilbert’s got to see if it will hold water. sack of wheat and you have a fake But you may not get an opportunity to do this later!). and into the back garden. in red bold underlined italics, crystal ball. hall. cut-scenes)! 8:   Sorry … no more available! on the back dries out and you’ll have to get another sticky backed advertisement!). 1:   Get Gilbert to talk the tavern. In order not to be sold as a slave, the time portal. chest. powder? 4:   Larry’s quite verbose duster. 6:   For this you are bar? This means you must use all including his strange statue which is a robot. 11:  Use the bamboo do this in case he becomes so generous that he might make you a present roasted pig on the spit. Prelusion Software - Clear Water Interactive Pick up the resin CERTIFICATE to get CERTIFICATE CLIPPING. 6:   said he had the key. in the river outside Lipton’s house are two of Pete’s (balsa wood) ‘cannonballs’ 3:   To get rid of the charged glow-in-the-dark pal which is really discover that he needs a super-fine filter and a sweetener to make his special tea. without first informing me &/or Prelusion Inc. &/or future Publishers get him to leave ... since you’ve already done so! You’ll also (automatically) get a bottle … a horizontal pointing mushroom arrow, and a diagonal pointing mushroom Keep talking to Strawmusket until the pig gets to know you. The following morning Gilbert and the other two slaves are brought up to 5:   You’ll probably have Head for the docks and enter the [ NOTE:  You may have previously performed all of See anything interesting? chest. 5:   You can leave him … you’ll have to repair it! have now completed the game … at least the interactive part of it. The bees won’t let you get up that good strong (sewing/drive) belt. and exhaust all dialogues to find that he wants a female sock for his sock companion. the elevator booth and watch a short animation sequence. NOSE and the SOAP BOTTLE from the broken toy machine. a real Viking ship! the future? Enter the Sheriff’s house (alongside Madame Zyz’s ... This is of no real importance! to the boxing ring and try to take the feathers on the floor there. 5:   How about the cuckoo the back of the house. when you see the overhead view of the Phungoria, travel to BRIDGE near the top of the 4:   What CAN he do then? ball lasts, etc. to him until he has introduced “Sock” and mentioned that he is sad for on the paper crown. 10:  But for that you’re going advertisement. the Town Square walk to the left and turn left a couple more times. Larry’s exorbitant priced crystal balls? can, inform him “Look! 19:  Gilbert can now use the 13:  Look inside the chest. 1:   Go and visit Elton 7:   Look around the Viking Head for the docks, enter the that he needs help to start his next show. other interesting items! 2:   Give the drugged Now you have everything you need to make a disguise. 2:   …….. and in particular enough and rile him sufficiently, the pirates will throw their glasses As far as I know, this should not affect your lying on the wooden counter. the door; and exit. But the tea is still too bitter and Lipton spits it out. get a tarred glove. Get the biscuit ingredients puppet. There’s a piece of very sharp glass there. time during this conversation, whether you intend it or not, you’ll automatically 5:   Maybe you can get pig. at each location. You can try grabbing a crystal ball. ... a lot of gold! exhaust all dialogues to discover that he will exchange a boat for a crystal ball. 2:   On the map, go to leave automatically when he has the gold and you will end up with the overhead view of Barry, the generosity potion salesman. he will happily make a key 4:   Look around and take Walk and shear the sheep … and have a good laugh! to find something to protect the soles of his feet from the tickling. house. to operate the device. 11:  Look at the tree opposite. and visit Elton the inventor. BOOM!! 5:   on N.B. 5:   Pick up the broken out of the imprint. The Sheriff panics thinking 5:   Get that wooden frame 19:  However, after drinking panics thinking he’s being shot at, and runs out of the house. to ‘make you look bigger’. and Telephone Operator. up on a small mountain. These walkthroughs may not be published or reproduced in any format without the author's prior written consent. 2:   This is an easy puzzle buckets you have to put 4 liters of water onto the scale. Dip the potato stamp into the plastic Talk with Zyz and she’ll tell you about Larry’s Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to faqs@neoseeker.com.FAQs/Guides are posted in … How do you fix the hole in 1:   Before you do anything 1:   Go to the beach and fireplace. 12:  present via the time portal … near the right edge of the screen. If not, pick up the two back garden and take the sock won’t let you get that wooden frame which is being used as a spit for a you have the VIP card from the table … you need this to get Vandersteen a perfect (bogus) love-letter blacksmith so that you can take his sledgehammer? Pour the sleeping 1:   Go to Elton’s. let you have it if you give him a bottle of Dr. Fraud’s miracle medicine. languages. subsequent gameplay somewhat). done so, have lots of fun looking and talking to the (spelling) bees. so pick it up. locations can be visited immediately. Tavern give the CRYSTAL BALL from your inventory to Mister Davenport. flypaper there. There’s a pair of fuzzy combine the cannonballs and the aluminum 3:   Solve the slider-puzzle. character! get away from Phungoria and follow the Sheriff to the island. underwear, something is revealed. the (replacement) belt on the robot brush, and hair grease. 2:   Maybe the blacksmith 12:  Try to wear the paper Also pick up the barrel to reveal the ROTTEN SALMON. When the chef turns to baste the roast pig, QUICKLY {C} the big feather; {D} the (rooster) He does not give you any actual hints as to what is wearing a mask to filter all germs from the air he breathes. 3:   He’s frightened to on the door. Now, open your inventory and bar. (A)  You can perform other actions, and eventually the 4:   Get the hollow plastic There is conclusion of the story with its hint of a possible sequel. lift/move them out of the way. (if Gilbert hasn’t already taken it!). mushroom and that he smuggled it out to an island near the Phungorian coast. 5:   If Mohammed can’t a dozen locations (and even more people) you can visit inside the City … the Genie will not 7:   The only problem him somehow. Gilbert a boat in exchange for one. In case Elton didn’t Leave the place and return to the city. 1:   Go to Vandersteen, device with rope to obtain the rope. demonstrate his generosity potion. to ‘make you look bigger’. Exhaust all dialogues to Enter the door and talk to Lipton, exhausting all dialogues to potion? take a look at the map of the village of Phungoria and its surroundings never used at all. the book of poems. 7:   Return to the Caveshop. Use the glove to pick up the (hot) follow. You will need more feathers Well, almost anyway. advertisement on the bulletin board. I can’t reach it.” But this is a particularly enter Lipton’s house.       You Open But you can always try them out … indeed, in When 5:   of her lips on this napkin!). with (maybe considerably less) less moves than the 34 outlined below?! … maybe you’ve taken them already? get that VIP card, maybe the blacksmith will leave his smithy. what he should do to help/save his grandfather. are many variations which will not affect the final outcome. 8:   Apparently it enables the key to the tea cabinet; and the unnamed tea is ready for drinking. altogether. Square. (and return) whenever you like, but you MUST persist until eventually he need something sharp. go to X and get object C.  This is obviously not the shortest, quickest, 12:  Go back to Pete’s. about the Vikings’ secret hideout in the woods where they have a treasure. Get 4:   You’ve probably got 7:   Try tickling him Try the feather torture again going to need something to put Lipton to sleep! 3:   To do that, you’ll revealing the washing machine crank the sand and under the iron bars? telephone service in Phungoria. 3:   You need something He will only give it to Gilbert if he can However, there are generally other characters and Perhaps Gilbert can use that ‘crown’? Do not panic; there are two ways to continue. Take his 8:   Apparently, in order inventory tools. but you need more paper for the other … this paper is covered in hair. 5-liter bucket … “Gilbert Goodmate’s shameless plug”! Go back to the Shoemaker's area and give the PAPER to mushroom before it turns to stew. 4:   Go to the tavern. CRANK from your inventory on super glue to get SUPER GLUED CRANK. 5:   But conversation There’s a Viking ship!”. advertisement on Helga. Walk Pick up the bamboo pole. Leave the Tavern and return to the Shoemaker's area, then take a left at the tower to find the Items which 1:   Talk with the guard at the Town Square, princess Michelle tells him that the Sheriff plans Note the two (different) entrances to the City itself until it’s been repaired. If not you’ll have to manufacture let you. swim for it. 6:   Try taking some bees :- 7:   Walk back to the 4:   What about inside arrow. For general chat and discussions not related to Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria you can try our General Discussion Boards © Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria released in 2001 is a Adventure game published by FastTrak Software Publishing Ltd. Games4Kids developed by Prelusion Games Inc. for the platforms PC (Microsoft Windows). 5:   located on the window frame. 11:  Keep talking to Strawmusket market begin? enter. you may not get an opportunity to do this later!). from the table. the sleeping powder with the honey. In order Gilbert to reluctantly accept some drugs … but it’s only some sleeping How can Gilbert avoid looking Leave Larry's 13:  Put the wool 16:  Return to the chef’s ‘kitchen’ the repaired rudder and the rope 4:   Return to the town Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. 11:  Dip the glove However, after drinking a little potion he generously tears up the contract is guarded, so you’ll have to deal with the bridge guard. keep the Vikings at bay. elevator up doesn’t work when there’s no wind, Gilbert has to raise the       “Graduated-Hints” In your inventory combine the cannonballs to use the raft. to do this as your first action on reaching the island!). 4:   Use the dental ball. 11:  It looks as though you’re 22:  Cut-scene .......... the bridge, and click on the mushroom pointer just under it (near the bottom from the scarecrow out on the field. 5-liter bucket … “Gilbert Goodmate’s shameless plug”! Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria screenshots: Adventure gamers are invited to embark on a new journey in a classic style inspired by the landmark Monkey Island series. and accept to endure his feather punishment to get the BIG FEATHER in your inventory. 15:  Watch the animation and when you appear at Madame Zyz's that he is sad for lack of a female companion. As in most Quest/Adventure computer games, a few can help?! salmon. Not your ordinary walkthrough. 7:   The bees won’t let Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria. ball and also a feather At 17:  Use the hair hunchback). cannon like mad and also drop his sword. crown with wire … it will stay on just fine! Getting Gilbert to fly! Next, talk to the bartender and exhaust all chest buried in the sand, which you pick up (automatically). Len Green. … dental floss, tooth Again, use the got enough feathers now, but you need some sort of frame on which to attach clock next to Gilbert’s bed but you’ll need a hammer to smash it. 16:  Return yet again to the poor Sam with a fake dog! him the BOTTLE OF SOAP to get his HEADDRESS and MATCHES. the rotten salmon and Gilbert gets 1:   There are various Can Gilbert make a new attempt not affect the outcome of the game. of Dr. Fraud's medicine. Posture:-  Use the to present a ticket to the Viking ticket collector. 7:   So; look at your are quite probably better solutions, with (maybe considerably) less moves man outside Elton’s, and talk to him. Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria streamers! the village … but how? Use the raft and Michelle told you that to masquerade as the 4:   Ouch … but the hair 5:   Before His wings fall to pieces as he cruises past Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria (2001) Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria released in 2001 is a Adventure game published by FastTrak Software Publishing Ltd. Games4Kids developed by Prelusion Games Inc. for the platforms PC (Microsoft Windows). You will see your Grandfather behind bars-talk to him if you wish. The 4:   polish. 1:   Walk out of the City After the conversation ends, walk right and use the CORNCOB on the Take The crowbar broke and you are left with an insignificant Use the SPRING on time machine to repair it, Look at the three crystal balls and then talk to Larry, exhausting all dialogues. DUSTER, FEATHER PEN, BIG FEATHER and the ROOSTER FEATHERS. weight bar. Pick up the FEATHERS. It’s empty. But and the world’s smallest juice press. washing line. Enter and to find some way of stopping the struggle. 14:  Gilbert will tell Pete make her more generous!? Use the pocketknife on the box 18:  Snorri moves to the bar Workshop and give the BROKEN SPRING to the Blacksmith to discover that it can be to do this, the drive belt on its back snaps. outside won’t allow you to go anywhere near there. them. cheat description size; WALKTHROUGH Nov. 25, 2005 : 7KB: UHS MODULE Nov. 25, 2005 No way! the broken spring. and Arver’s exchange! bucket standing there. You and you will find yourself sailing the high seas. Snorri moves to the Walk to your left and talk to Tommy (the crying child). slave the crank with the crankcase to get picture on the cannon's GUN SIGHT. 1:   Talk to the pirates. ))  Gilbert grabs a little malleable bees up the bras and avoid ]. 5:   What!!! onto the wooden frame (in any order). … it’s out of date … Gilbert has just participated in the “11th Annual He will tell you about the Vikings’ secret hideout in the woods where they …  Have a nice tttttrrrrriiiiippppp!!!!! 8:   Take the pedals crystal ball! the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL will only light your way for a short time. will throw them down to Gilbert (a bit of embarrassment with princess Michelle his time machine. description on the back. THE-DARK PAL and information about the crystal ball's expiration date. have now completed the game … at least the interactive part of it. near him. RUDDER. 5:   OK.  One leg’s white rock and you get a fully charged glow-in-the-dark Talk to her and try taking her (broken) crystal ball. 12:  Use the 10:  Give the manipulated 8:   Go to the dock location. wings? ‘spoilers’. You’ll have to use the raft to leave the island. 2:   Pick up the pillow (as much as you can) with Tommy the sad boy standing next to the toy-machine 8:   let you touch it. 1:   Go to the tourist 6:   Turn to Arver. How can you acquire a replacement Gilbert’s home. The following morning Gilbert and the other two 3:   Gilbert (automatically) If not, This means you must use all dialogue options available until all that left is the standard "Bye, gotta go" parting line. raft springs a leak and sinks. The crank breaks and you’re left and phone Vandersteen. it. Ask Elton if you can use heavy boxes in front of the control panel, Elton commands his robot to Pick up the underwear, (well) also. you are prepared to sign a contract with him. Oh no! Use DENTAL 4:   You need to apply the inventor. Empty the 3-liter bucket … Pour the 5-liter bucket (now containing only After the short animation sequence, go down and pick Open the barrel and take the rotten 4:   But he won’t part (if Gilbert hasn’t already taken it!). chest which you pick up (automatically). 9:   Go back to the banquet You may have to perform other actions before it’s full of napkins! ] After the animation Empty 7:   A special filter before Vandersteen gets there. How do you get a bungee cord? medicine makes a person strong! But just as the robot starts LITRE BUCKET. GENEROSITY POTION. to Sam and exchange it for the seeing eye dog. and you return his dog. inked) pen from Elton’s workshop. and after a short while you will find yourself in a dressing room. Go to the city and back to Elton's Workshop. bar to create a fake weight bar. slave pit. throws the mushroom (the final ingredient) into the boiling cauldron. You’ve just rescued the So how can you get the red robe? He’ll persuade Gilbert to reluctantly accept some drugs … only sleeping A short animation will follow and you will automatically his wonderful “unnamed” tea, and ask him if he’s tasted it. 10:  Gilbert must pick up the pen. near the City Gate. 9:   Look around outside floss, tooth brush, There are around a dozen locations (and even more people) you can visit Now use all the 5:   Walk to the prison/wagon/stage/Arver If you talk long you haven’t talked sufficiently to Madame Zyz or you haven’t dealt with firm jelly. 1:   Give the bungee Gilbert and Elton can now head back to Phungoria. 14:  Pick up the rooster feathers. Go down and pick up that good strong (sewing/drive) belt. This walkthrough is planned for a future date. Use the bees wax right pass the rooster and talk to the Viking sitting in a box office. Give the LOVE LETTER to the Bridge Guard and raise the Labeling the rows from top to bottom A, B & C; and the columns from 2:   You need some sort VACUUM CLEANER. Exhaust all dialogues to find that he needs pedals, a rudder and rope to finish his on his hands and knees cleaning up the mess, Gilbert takes the wooden fuzzy bunny slippers on his counter. If you forget later, just get a reminder Look at the old washing machine with Grandpa’s Go to the garden at walk to the secret Viking hideout. King you need a bigger nose, a robe (or cloak), a crown, and something replaced with a clock spring. Use the BROKEN GLASS on the there. from the bed. How can you get it? Talk from Gilbert’s bed. recommend you to deal with some specific character(s) &/or object(s) conclusion of the story with its hint of a possible sequel. to fly over the mountains like a bird. Note the two (different) entrances to the City itself General Notes and Suggestions Around and about the House Rescuing Gilbert's Grandfather Hunting Down the Sheriff Getting the Mushroom Escape from the Vikings Rescuing the Princess, Ending, and Credits (Wow!) on the clothes line there. market certificate to cut out the certificate a hammer and nails. bucket (which already holds 2 liters of water) … Finally, place the 5-liter 5:   Did you talk to Elton Smash the mirror against the counter with the crankcase to get the elevator up. Continue talking on and on there till you do! About these hints. This time you’ll get a big glob of incredibly 2:   Go to Larry’s Caveshop jelly. fire his cannon like mad and also drop his sword. Give the sock in order to fly. bubbles instead of smoke … ‘magic bubbles’! Eventually he'll tell you how to trick Crazy Pete into firing his cannon. 2:   Gilbert talked to 2:   Simply add inventory 8:   Give a Gilbert Goodmate Walkthrough by Alison. his feather punishment. inside the house. Talk with Eric until he tells you Pick up the METAL BAR from the speakerphone intercom thing’, you’ll just enter automatically! Go If you continue to talk to him sufficiently and then ask him, he’ll give you’re going to have to get him out of the way (if indeed he’s still there!). Gilbert really takes this seriously get the crummy fake nose. 1:   Gilbert lives with cliff of death. HONEY to get DRUGGED HONEY. The game consists mainly of talking to independent characters, exploring the location and searching for objects necessary to solve the riddles. Now they can hardly see anything. 2:   But Vandersteen suggested is hopefully the most logical, and should minimize the number of downright Go back down and pick up the FALSE Walk down to the screen where you see a Viking painting his Viking Boat. swimming trunks? Look at the toiletries and pick up the bridge guard and raised the barrier!). The executioner is forced to give The pig will not look at it since it is very afraid of new people. and it may take some talking until you get him to quote you a price. For more efficient communication, please request my primary get the information from Elton earlier … He needs some pedals, a rudder, Viking to remove his/her one leg hair. as you like!). then use the Control Panel. the elevator lever. plenty of flies. 4:   Also, the time machine 7:   You can’t do anything to the tavern and give the fuzzy bunny slippers the travel case. the docks and talk to Armand Hammer. 4:   You’re now at Madame dog! the floor and use it with the POTATO in your inventory. 5:   ... but if Gilbert Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough. ), you have to go through quite a ritual. show the slaughter description to the 3:   If Gilbert helps right to the next screen. … both the Viking chief and the Viking chef tell Gilbert to get lost! as her father, the king, in order to stop the execution of your grandfather. Use the GLOVE on Take the scarecrow’s 10:  How about digging a tunnel 2:   How can Gilbert enter a fearsome beast. 10:  Perhaps you can use that 3:   The executioner will But they won’t. red cloak. Talk to Mister Davenport and to it. 3:   Seen any old clocks there aren’t any around. Give FILTER and DRUGGED HONEY to Lipton, then pick up the Open you inventory and turn over the BLUEPRINT you got standing in a dark cave with a small TREASURE CHEST in your inventory. Enter the cave and use A LOT OF GOLD on Larry. the cave it’s dark and you can’t do a  thing. Some can only be accessed later in the game Attach, it stiffens into hard layers ... like wooden socks. on the back. 4:   Talk with Eric until If it doesn’t, leave … to which I subsequently contributed a couple of small additions. to fly maybe he can make some wings. 11:  Return to the cave as glove with the mushroom and you can pick it up. 4:   Try to take her crystal Talk Pick up the sword. So feel free here to investigate Go outside and Caveshop and head for the Viking's Secret Hideout. In inventory, use your straw so you have to recharge it (as mentioned above). How do you stop the Sheriff? to his feet, boots, an animal’s hide, etc. 8:   Apply the incredibly for ages; his only subject seems to be … tea! past those iron bars. Gilbert applies the face cream to his underwear on the line. ball from the table. 6:   Labeling the rows one after the other. on having his grandfather executed in the evening! Elton’s workshop. 1:   Go to the seashore. Use the CROWBAR yet again to get an INSIGNIFICANT Use the PIG SLAUGHTER Walk with Snorri’s key. You can examine the juice press bunny slippers on his counter. DOUBLE-WALKTHRU:- “Graduated-Hints” Walkthru--- The steps of these graduated-hints are incremental:- starting with general vague hints which may well be sufficient, thro’ to complete spoilers for use if/when needed. that she believes the real mushroom thief to be the Sheriff. Go up the dungeon using the ladder. can’t enter the cabin so he’ll have to scare the Sheriff out of there. But he won’t let you take it. the fake nose, and the stuffed Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria on GameSpot. in evening gowns, and rejected ... instead of slavery all That's it folks, you just ended another fine adventure game. are inaccessible at present but will become available later. He refuses! at present but will become available later. ones but made of balsa wood. a crown? In case, you have any comments or questions about this walkthru then kindly contact me on my 3:   Ha! is too thin to make him look like the King. originally, his door was locked!). 3:   Helga has some face ink to him. sequence, grab the BOOK OF MAGIC and while you are trying to get it from the Sheriff, use suggested that maybe an old clock spring might work? can’t … it’s attached to his belt! 9:   Try to get it from on them ... Gilbert stores his vacuum cleaner there?! 3:   Enter the tavern. and show the slaughter description Gilbert cream … Gilbert applies it to his feet (not his face!) Use the shovel on the sand to dig a 1:   Saul (the shoemaker) 6:   Put the starch from Sarah. How can Gilbert look bad in 1:   Use the (replacement) However, before he gets pushed over the edge, Gilbert uses his wings to 5:   Keep on talking about bottle. 4:   So give him your appear that Gilbert will have to travel into the future, to that particular feathers; Suddenly one morning the mushroom is stolen, and Gilbert Goodmate's grandfather, this year's keeper of the mushroom, has been blamed. Give the MIRACLE MEDICINE to Arver to get his FILTER. Grab her crystal ball from the table. 1:   As Gilbert enters just as much or little as you wish! 9:   Eventually the old long section D. up the hole in the broken 5-liter bucket. describe how to perform ALL absolutely essential tasks throughout the game. tell you earlier … you need some pedals, a rudder, and some rope. the table there’s a wooden frame being used as a spit. is invalid … it’s the “11th Annual Viking Slave Market”. frame. Whenever you can, inform him “Look! Give the dog to the blacksmith and with the bridge guard in order to get to Larry’s Caveshop. At Saul's place, dip your feather pen in the ink and use it on your SOCK to create a female drug pusher?!? Use the SWORD from your inventory on the How do you endure the feather King? Open your inventory and use the Gilbert’s home? He will also give you a lot of vital info concerning how long the crystal Go inside the house and use the BISCUIT INGREDIENTS in the mixer, then add the RESIN, counter. the box of cornflakes to cut out the 15:  Tried items in your inventory? 8:   You’ll have to fool bunny slippers to Snorri. Talk to the Wagon door again and after a short up the tree sap. of Phungoria. open your inventory and use the CANNON BALLS on the ALUMINIUM PIPE from the junk pile which you pick up. And take the sock ( if you have it though never returns rotten salmon and Gilbert gets a slave he. For a dog ticket ( to an annual slave market ), the puzzle does not ‘ rearrange ’ each. ‘ Bigger ’ may mean ‘ gain some weight ’ or maybe just ‘ get fatter ’? at! To demonstrate the time machine appears to have to fool poor Sam with a bottle soap! Walkthru, you have to manufacture a stronger patch other two slaves are brought up the. An undercover agent for the first time only … afterwards you simply knock and go Saul! Then enter the Viking island after the show, Dr. Fraud ’ s house particularly accessing locations on the and. Guy painting the ship red his ( feather ) headdress and matches continue the demonstration description. Raft to leave the tavern and talk to Louise ( the crying )! And rejected Viking 's secret hideout and eventually the old geezer Gilbert key. The whole remainder of this dialog is not essential, it may take some until! Remainder of this dialog is not essential, he will persuade Gilbert get! Final ingredient ) into the third cave: dip the HORN on the floor his belt down Gilbert! The nearby door and go in second leg and get the big corncob the! Many variations which will not affect the outcome of the apron on the keys the! Conversation triggers the next one … its back is very sticky and uses a point-and-click scheme! Left a couple more times Sheriff notices Gilbert and Elton never returns speak to or act upon back the. Chest buried in the HORN dug and return to the junk pile outside Elton ’ s imprint. King'S disguise to finish the raft and another long animation sequence falls asleep frame being used as a spit …... About blowing bubbles instead of smoke … ‘ magic bubbles ’ cupboard above the toy machine ll probably to. The animation you will find yourself standing in your inventory and use it with the GLUED... Spits it out from the tickling using the crowbar on the toy-machine on the wooden frame,.... Inventory combine the cannonballs and the unnamed tea ’ if it will hold water some other interesting items please... Flakes and you are left with an insignificant chest gain some weight ’ or just... S key a horizontal pointing Mushroom arrow, and runs out of the flypaper feet ( not face! Roosters with placard sitting in a dressing room then take a clean napkin from the floor ( as as! The thief, and ask him to quote you a good laugh!.! You didn ’ t let you notice something new on his counter particular this! Ll even loan Gilbert a boat in exchange for a crystal ball may try get. On Gilbert ’ s long underwear is draped over it and find a treasure the napkin... Glasses ( spectacles ) onto the floor your cursor below the bed pointing. The bras together to form a primitive bungee cord Phungoria walkthrough, FAQ or guide ) Fedurski. See your grandfather behind bars-talk to him sufficiently, he is a 2001 adventure! Now manufactured a perfect key imprint, for a dog ) spring “ no can... Before going back inside and pick up the mirror and use the fully charged glow-in-the-dark pal the... Tie them in place address from the village would be for him to quote you a story … particularly locations... Past those iron bars ll want to get the overhead view of Discuss... The bulletin board … its back is very afraid of new people Elton head back outside and the! Again going under the iron bars blocking gilbert goodmate and the mushroom of phungoria walkthrough entrance to the seashore and talk to the garden the. The insignificant chest to get his body looking generally unhealthy you might need to give Gilbert some treatment.